Artificial Grass for Pets

Realistic, non-absorbent, low-maintenance artificial grass for your pets

Why Choose Us?

  • Year-round great looking lawn
  • Ideal for pets and children
  • A shaded area solution
  • Soft, safe and strong for play

Artificial Grass for Pets


As pet lovers, we understand that your furry best friend loves having a beautiful garden to explore, but as you probably know, traditional or natural grass can be challenging to maintain when you have pets.


This is why we’re proud to introduce our pet-friendly artificial grass, which uses a combination of liquid-draining technology and odour-killing EasiPong Bio Enzyme, to ensure that your grass always looks and smells great, while giving you the peace of mind that your pets won’t be exposed to harmful pesticides.


Easi-Kensington: Our current best seller, due to being the option that resembles our natural South Africa grass the best.


Easi-Knightsbridge: Our longest standing and most affordable artificial grass.


If that’s not convincing enough, you also no longer have to worry about mud, or your rambunctious pup digging up your lawn. With our artificial grass products, you will have more time to play fetch than stressing about maintaining your garden. 


If you’re looking for the perfect garden solution for your pets, don’t look any further! Contact us today and we will help recommend the best product to suit your pet. 


Easigrass Pretoria proudly supplies and installs a wide range of multi-award-winning premium artificial grass products.

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